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                                                                                          Pub Crawl Info!

Saturday, June 4, 2015
8pm – 2am

Its time for another Average Swingers
Charity pub crawl!
We will be helping fight breast cancer this time. So help us save the Tatas.
we’re kindly asking you to give $5 per wrist band. If youre not interested in the charity, We well still give you a band, but please just consider it.

We do not have a block of rooms set aside at any particular hotel, but WE will be staying at Embassy Suites Fort Worth Downtown Feel free to stay wherever you prefer.

The first bar will be
Flying saucer drought Emporium
We will be at the outside patio area.
 111 E 3rd St, Fort Worth, TX 76102

 We will send out the list of the rest of the bars the week of.

Parking Info:
There is a parking garage at Taylor & 3rd Street and another at 3rd and Calhoun. Parking is free on weekends in Fort Worth.

Embassy Suites Fort Worth Downtown
600 Commerce St. Fort Worth TX 76102
(817) 332 6900


Austin Pub Crawl will be Sep. 3

More Info to come

(Hi! We are Angie and J. We’re just a couple of average swingers.
We are not the hottest, most intelligent (J brings the IQ level way down ;)), funniest, and we sure as hell are not the richest couple of swingers you will meet. We are just an average swinger couple, hence the show name. We’re doing a podcast because it’s fun. When it stops being fun, we will stop doing it.)

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