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Come party with us  November 10th Thru the 17th 2018 at HEDONISM II Negril Jamaica!
Is an all inclusive resort, where drinks are flowing, buffets at all hours, playroom, water sports (not that kind! Unless it’s in you’re own room), quiet time, party time, there is a place for everything your heart desires. Fun friendly staff. Beautiful grounds. Theme nights. Playroom. Shows. 
this kind of Water sports! snorkeling, kayaking, sailing, scuba diving all included. 
There is the prude side and a nude side, once on nude side you must be nude.  Let’s be honest we’re going to be on the nude side!
So come have the time of your life with us & if you sign up with this link there will be a body shot waiting for you with ether one of us! 
                                          J & Angie





(Hi! We are Angie and J. We’re just a couple of average swingers.
We are not the hottest, most intelligent (J brings the IQ level way down ;)), funniest, and we sure as hell are not the richest couple of swingers you will meet. We are just an average swinger couple, hence the show name. We’re doing a podcast because it’s fun. When it stops being fun, we will stop doing it.)

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