16th Sep2019

AS115 Ladies of Lifestyle (LOL) Part 3

by admin

This is the 3rd segment of the LOL series! If you have not yet listened to the first 2 segments of LOL….STOP HERE!!! Go listen to segment 1 under Two or More to Tango episode 31 and then on to segment 2 under Swinger Diaries Bonus episode 78! We have a room full of sexy ladies (Mrs Tango, Tori, Sol, Paige, Dee, and Angie) in the lifestyle with great conversation! If you have already listened to the first two segments….please continue.

In this episode we talk about the stuff no one ever wants to discuss…..UTIs, Yeast Infections, and yes Menopause. Not a fun topic, however this is a great discussion with helpful ideas to help you get along in the lifestyle with these issues.

After listening to all of the first series of LOL, please let us know if you enjoyed it or not. We are hoping for a second series soon! Stayed Tuned for more LOL!!






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