28th Feb2021

AS137 J’Anal A Casually Average Mashup

by admin

For NYE we got together with Casual Swinger and Sapphic Swingers at the Casual Compound. We did a podcast “mash-up”.Think of the old ’70s key party….Fishbowl thing. We put everyone’s name in a hat and whomever you drew was your podcast partner. The other guests of the Compound were Double Date Nation and SwingFessions. They were to be the guests on the podcast mashup shows. Each of them (4) had to come up with a question to ask on each show. The same question with 3 different answers….or so we thought. In short….(or long) there are 4 questions asked over the course of 3 different podcasts which have different co-stars with them. To hear everyone’s answers check out Sapphic Swingers episode 56 Averagely Sapphic Double Date Fessions & Casual Swinger SE03E16 Nobody Wants Mickey’s Penis- A Casually Sapphic Mashup

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